100 mm-75mm-waterproof gypsum block

Product color: light blue / product density: 900kg / M 3 / product fireproof: ≥ 4 hours / sound insulation: 41db / compressive strength: 7MPa / single point hanging: 100kg / water absorption: ≤ 5%
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Environmental protection and comfort
Gypsum block uses building gypsum powder as raw material, which is natural without harmful substances and radiation; there is no emission of three wastes in the processing process; there is no harmful gas generated in the process of use and has respiratory function, which can absorb excessive moisture in the room. When the humidity in the room is reduced, it can release moisture again. The process of absorbing and releasing moisture will not affect the firmness of the wall, and the living is safe and comfortable. It is a kind of green building material.
The construction is simple
The appearance and size of the products are uniform, dry method operation, fast construction speed, good vertical flatness after wall forming, direct decoration without plastering; adopt staggered joint masonry, no vertical straight joint, combined with high-strength special adhesive gypsum, can never crack.
Quality performance
Light weight, good seismic performance: the capacity of 100 mm standard waterproof gypsum block is significantly lower than that of clay brick and aerated fly ash block, and there is no need to plaster behind the wall, which is conducive to reduce the load of high-rise buildings and reduce the construction cost.
Usable area
In the case of a certain building area, under the premise of ensuring fire and sound insulation, because the thickness of gypsum block is only 100 mm, it can effectively improve the actual use area.
Sound insulation
The single-layer weighted sound insulation capacity of 100 mm standard waterproof gypsum block wall can reach 41 dB.
fire prevention
The fire resistance of 100 mm standard waterproof gypsum block wall can reach 4 hours without burning.
High intensity
The compressive strength of the 100 mm standard waterproof gypsum block can reach 7 MPa, the breaking load can reach more than 3000 n, it is not deformed, and it is hung at a single point, 100kg.
Keep warm
Because the thermal conductivity of gypsum is very small, the thermal insulation performance of gypsum block is superior to other partition materials.
Low water absorption
The water absorption of 100 mm standard waterproof gypsum block is less than 5%, so it can be used in humid environment, such as toilet and basement


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